Adding colour with decor PILLOWS!

I love finding quirky products from independent designers and makers…..



I love finding quirky products from independent designers and makers. This artist and designer Jo Allen of Rare Radish from the Uk, creates the most amazing digitally printed cushions.  Jo’s work is nostalgic, vintage.  She says it is ‘a mixture of Downton Abbey, Gothic and Steampunk all rolled in to one.’

After licensing her art for several years she has recently launched her own brand. She says: ‘The name Rare Radish comes from the fact that radishes look pretty and pink but when you take a bite they are hot and peppery. I like using this element of surprise in my work. Rare are the treasures which have often been long forgotten and recently discovered.’



Jo carries a tiny notebook with her all the time and constantly writes down words and ideas that suddenly pop into her head.  I meticulously place the treasures upon the surface and photograph them. I love the use of light and shadow and use as little photo manipulation as is possible. All the treasures I use on my designs are real tangible objects which you can touch, feel and hold.

Although there is a story for each design, Jo explains that she loves for the person who buys each piece to weave their story and memories into it.