Don’t be afraid to add colour!


No matter the size or style of your home, the decor you choose determines its atmosphere and reflects your own personality. Updating or changing your decor can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction when completed. Pull together a well-designed home by taking cues from the overall colour palette to add decorative accessories. For example, a jade green vase on the dining room table can play off a bold accent wall in the living room. Or update the look of furniture with a glossy coat of paint. Personalize with family treasures and modern, metallic or glass finishes for an eclectic, yet timeless look….”my personal favourite”. Don’t be afraid to make a statement in your space. Why not play on the high-impact contrast of black and white in a hallway or add an vibrant hit of pink in a master bath? There are no wrong choices, because colour is personal — and doesn’t have to be permanent. I always encourage my clients to start with accessories like a painting, vase, small accent table or pillows. These are easy and inexpensive ways to add some personality to your space, so look for items and styles that most appeal to your inner designer. Remember, you can mix and match solid and patterns in a variety of materials, and you might even buy different accessories for each season. A few bold pieces can go a long way in renewing a room. A refreshed decor doesn’t mean having to invest in a big-ticket item like new furniture. Try these easy and affordable design tips to transform the look of your home. Sandra Decina-Lianos Director of design at Lianos Group