Holiday Home Tour…Vintage Charm


One of my favourite times of the year is Christmas.  I have always, like many, I spend countless hours making ornaments and decorating my home for the holidays.  I now am lucky to have the opportunity to decorated not only my own home but the homes of dear friends and family, as well as clients.







What is it that we love about antiquing?  Everything from the treasure hunt, to the find, to getting a great deal on the item down to the smell of a room filled with treasure.  There is just something about an object from another time which captures our attention.  How a simple material object can grab us by the heart strings and take us back to when we were children at grandma’s house is magic in and of itself.  Antiques can tell us stories of how life was for our ancestors and how life used to be for us.

Making our dream come true!



Alex and I took a leap of faith last summer when we came across this very unusual property.  Despite what everyone around us tried to tell us, we proceeded with full faith and bought the property that we had always dreamed about.  For over 20 years Alex and Ii talked about owning a historical church and restoring it into a DREAM location.  Well, we are now living our dream… step at a time!