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You see them everywhere, those  bulbous, narrow-necked bottles that are all the rage in home decor today. They are called carboys or demijohns (the old word that formerly referred to any glass vessel with a large body and small neck, enclosed in wicker). They are primarily used for transporting fluids, often water or chemicals and can hold from 5-15 gallons. They are also used for in-home fermentation of beer or wine.  These handsome jars, alot of which are vintage, can be found on eBay and Etsy, and are great for collectors.  They offer a bit of charm and hominess when used to decorate a home. They work wonderfully for a casual beach inspired or rustic interior or even an industrial chic or shabby chic setting. But they can be incorporated into your decor no matter what your personal design aesthetic is.  They can be found in fabulous shades of greens, blues and clear glass. I especially love when demijohns are arranged in groupings of at least three, and when an arrangement is made up of several different colors.  You can opt to collect authentic, vintage demijohns or  grab a new one in a home decor shop.

So if starting a demijohn collection is your thing…..there are many options available and great ways to incorprate them into your decor!