Gallery Wall / Salon Wall



Why limit yourself to one piece of art when you can fill a whole wall with it? Creating an art gallery wall in your home to transform it into a stylish place to live is an ambitious and achievable design project, all you need to know is where to start. Surround your home with large collections of art and photographs that will add style and color to your walls.


It always makes a big impact visually and can be accomplished even on a small budget, if you’re creative. If you don’t have any art collections for a gallery wall, try picking up some unique finds at flea markets, auctions, yard sales, craigslist and mix them with a few key pieces that you have purchased from a store or from travels.



You can also use old calendars and magazine photos and frame them, or pictures that you have taken and increase their size and have them framed.


If you don’t want to pay for expensive framing, there are plenty of inexpensive options such as using an old window to frame objects.



Wall art….photos….paintings….everything goes.