Introducing the SIDEBOARD


I have a little addiction….to sideboards.  One of the most treasured pieces of furniture I own is a 19th century french oak sideboard.  It lives in my dining room, which traditional would house a sideboard.  But, I have a few more….a vintage 1950’s pieces which I picked up in a junk shop for pennies, it is in my guest room. Nothing makes a statement in your home quite like a perfectly styled sideboard. Designs from the 50s and 60s came in beautiful woods ranging from rosewood and teak to maple and cherry, and were intended to be used for storing ‘best’ china and tableware. These wonderful pieces came with drawers for cutlery and table linen, how perfect!  Mine contain a more eclectic assortment of ‘stuff’, I must admit I am a little guilty of using it to quickly tidy clutter away out of sight whenever I’m expecting visitors.

My favourite thing to do with them is to group together and display books, artwork, vases, lamps and other objects. They are a great place to start a wonderful art collection or displaying articles from travels.







Sideboard_styling_with_brass_and Marble


Weekday Carnival sideboard