‘neo naturalist interior’



The ‘neo naturalist interior’ is creeping into design magazines and shop catalogues everywhere!  I know it’s not for everyone, but let me tell you it is super interesting and if you are the type that needs to be surrounded by inspiration this is the look for you.  It’s part laboratory with a light dusting of Victorian details tossed in for good measure. There is pure nostalgia associated with the neo naturalist interior and if this is the style you desire this is how you can achieve it.  First there is the antique ceiling lights in industrial metals like brass and bronze, which were usually found during the industrial revolution. Then, those elements are paired with warm glowing filament bulbs that offer an antique glow to everything. Then add some little details, romantic touches like butterflies in cloche (those blown glass bell-shaped domes), and before you know it your home can have the look of a Nineteenth Century botanist. It’s a fascinating look, combining rough and tumble masculine metal and scientific elements with more domesticated touches for comfort. This style is perfect for offices, libraries and even kitchens.  It’s easy….add factory-grade metal, warm wood, leather, antiques, and interesting artifacts I like to call ‘curiosities’….honestly,  the sky is the limit with this design.