The Sheep Inspired Baa Stool


The Baa Stool is a hand-made, luxury, sheepskin, hardwood footstool, with a removable cover. Michelle, a traditionally trained upholstress, first had the idea for the Baa Stool during a tea break from a particularly challenging chair whilst watching the sheep in the fields surrounding her Denbighshire workshop . She noticed that they looked like little footstools and the idea took hold, so Michelle set to work designing a prototype.
The Baa Stool frames and legs are hand crafted from locally and sustainably grown hardwood. The 7″ or 11″ legs are either turned to resemble sheep’s hooves or – for a more contemporary feel – plain and tapered. The covers are made from premium grade British sheepskin stitched into a sleeve that fits snugly onto the stool but it can be removed for cleaning.

According to Michelle, sheepskin is the perfect choice of cover for a footstool as wool resists spills, dries very quickly and is mildew resistant. It is naturally fire retardant, resists static, dirt and dust, is hypo-allergenic, renewable and sustainable. The stools are available in natural shades of ivory, dark brown, mottled creams and browns and even a special edition pink version.


Michelle says: “My aim with the Baa Stool was to make a quality piece of furniture, that could fit in anywhere but still have a real wow factor. I know that some people have gone as far as naming their Baa Stools, and to know that they have become part of the ‘family’ in that way, really is the ultimate compliment.”